Seoul Makgeoli


  • Seoul Takju Manufacturers Association is the biggest and oldest association of makkoli manufacturers in Koreaestablished on Feb. 01, 1962.

  • The Association has taken the initiative in establishing an orderly takju distribution network and has campaigned for the prohibition of illegal breweries while contributing its fair share in liquor tax. The Association operates its own R&D Center with many researchers in microbiology, fermentology and zymology and contributes to improvements in quality and merchantability, develops new products, and is engaged in the modernization of the manufacturing facilities of makkoli.

  • By obtaining firm investment pledges from member companies, the Association has introduced PET bottle packaging that has become mainstream in the distribution of makkoli, replacing past unsanitary distribution systems that were based on large barrels and tank lorries. In addition, the Association has succeeded in developing canned products with a long shelf life and export potential.With regard to the makkoli processing system, the Association has introduced the Automatic Koji Process with full-computer control,which is producing high-quality makkoli throughout the year with polished rice only as the raw material.The above mentioned efforts of Seoul Takju Manufacturers Association have been recognized by customers and its Jangsoo Draft Makkoli has become a famous brand.

  • The Association will continue to promote the traditional spirit of makkoli and develop new products for the younger generation for the grand take-off of makkoli in the 21st century.

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